Pet Boarding

Hannalore Kennels will provide your pet with a safe,  comfortable place to stay while you need to be away.  We require copies of up to date vaccinations and de-worming, and your pet must be on a flea preventative (or free of fleas). We do not accept pets with fleas!  We also require owners to fill out our information form, and to provide us with emergency contact information.

In case of emergency we will do everything possible to contact you with the numbers you provide,  and will take your pet to the nearest veterinarian if needed.

  • Each pet will have their own private inside kennel, with stainless steel water and food dishes, and a blanket or bed.
  • Pets will be housed according to size, and pets from the same home may be housed together (a discount may apply).
  • Our indoor area is heated in the winter and air conditioned in the summer.
  • We will accept bedding from home; however,  we can not be responsible for it.
  • A quality dry kibble will be provided if you do not bring your own food, and water will be provided 24 hours a day.
  • Owners may bring safe, chewable, favorite toys from home if desired.
  • With your permission, treats will be given at bedtime.

1533894_10151934807611785_414402030_nOur outdoor bathroom and exercise areas are also private:  your pet can see other pets but can not touch them.  We do not put client’s pets together unless asked to and even then they would need to be evaluated and put in play groups. This is an extra service and would be an extra charge.  We have large, spacious outdoor areas, and also covered runs in case of bad weather.  Your pet will be taken out to these areas several times a day and again before bedtime. The weather will determine the time spent outside, but be assured, all exercise and bathroom needs will be met.

All dogs must be brought in on a leash, and cats must be in a carrier.  Cats are housed separately, and will be provided with a quality kibble (unless provided by owner), a litter box, free choice water, and a bed. Owner may bring toys, food and treats if desired.

All other pets, such as birds, mice, etc must come in a cage and owner must provide the food and feeding instructions.  Affection and emotional support will be provided as needed to help your pet feel comfortable and safe.

Prices are based on a 24 hour period, half day charges may apply, and do not include our extra services.

Pet CategoryPrice
Cats$16 / day
Dogs - up to 80lbs$18 / day
XL Dogs - 80 - 100lbs$20 / day
XXL Dogs - 100+ lbs$25 / day
Birds (caged)$10 each / day
Smaller Pets (caged)$10 each / day
Day or Night Boarding ONLY$15 (12hrs)

Extra Services

Service Price
Medication/Pills$1 / day
Injections$2 / day
Ear Cleaning and Medications$2 - $5 / day
Evaluation for Group Play$20 / day
Private Walk / Private Playadditional $3 / day
Toe Nail Trim$ 12
Anal Gland Expression$ 10
Bath, Brush, & Blow Out$20 - $30

Please feel free to speak with Cheryl if you have any questions or concerns.

Friendly dogs in group play