Doggie Daycare

Doggie daycare is a service that will provide your pet with energy draining exercise,  canine socialization, and interaction with new people and a new place. We offer different kinds of daycare.

1 ) Private Kennel: $ 12 / day

For the destructive , separation anxious dog that will destroy it’s crate and your home if left alone. We will provide a private safe kennel, a private exercise space, a bed, water and a snack.

2 ) Separated Social Area: $ 12 / day

For the dog that does not want to socialize, but the owner would like to be more social, and or may be aggressive and destructive….we will provide this dog with a private kennel, bed, water, and a snack, and a private yet more social area where interaction can occur safely with a fence in-between groups of dogs.

3 ) Group Play

Group Play Evaluation: $ 20 / day
Group play: $ 12 / day

For the dog who either plays well with others or is learning canine social skills. These dogs may be in small or large groups depending on the dogs who arrive for that day.  An evaluation session is required before entering these groups.  This may take one day, or several days depending on your dog.  After your pet is accepted into a group, they will receive a private indoor kennel for nap and snack time, and will receive out door group play several times during the day, weather pending.  We have some agility equipment we use for play: frisbees, large kick balls, and chuck it fun.  Our huge fenced in dog park provides lots of space to run, wrestle, sniff, and explore, with lots of trees for shade and resting. In the warmer months, wading pools are added for extra fun splashing around.

No fighting is allowed at Hannalore Kennels. If your dog is too aggressive, it will not be accepted in group play until it has been rehabilitated.  Extra services will apply for rehabilitation.  All dogs must have up to date vaccinations, be free of fleas, and have owner/pet information form and release signed before being evaluated for doggie day care.