Pet Grooming By Breed

Grooming is priced according to breed and condition of pet. Appointment is necessary; please ask for price and availability when you make your boarding reservation.

2afterAll breed professional dog grooming is provided by the very talented and creative Felicia Ruth White

Cats will be groomed by Cheryl Eighmey

All grooms include:

  • a bath
  • coat conditioner
  • toe nail trim
  • ear cleaning and hair removal (if needed)
  • sanitary trim
  • brush out
  • and the appropriate breed trim.

Modification of breed trim and or individual styles may be discussed with the groomer.  Sometimes a “do over” or shave down may be necessary. Pet groomers are not miracle workers; we can only do our best depending how the pet’s coat is cared for and maintained in between grooming appointments. Extra fees will apply for dematting and behavioral issues.

In the event that we discover a medical problem, such as skin or ear infections, we will clean the affected area and inform you of the problem so that you can contact your veterinarian. We are not veterinarians, and do not practice veterinary medicine.

Sometimes sedation of your pet may be necessary, for the safety of the groomer, as well as your pet. We can not sedate pets; that is something that you would discuss with your veterinarian and administer at home prior to your grooming appointment.

We do not knowingly accept pets with fleas! In the event that we discover fleas, we will either reschedule your pet’s appointment, or give a medicated bath. Extra charges will apply. Keep in mind that there is no residual effect from these treatments and your pet may become re-infested when returned to their home environment.

We use safe, natural, hypo allergenic, ph balanced products on your pets.

We use safe restraining methods and never leave your pet unattended while on the grooming table or in the bath tub. Our drying cages and equipment are room temperature only, so your pet can never become over heated.  Each pet will have a private kennel and sleeping mat while not being worked on. Water and bathroom time will be provided as needed.

SizeExample BreedsShorthair PriceLonghair Price
Small Dogs
(up to 20lbs)
pomeranian, cocker spaniel, cavalier$35 - $45$45 - $55
Medium Dogs
(25 - 50lbs)
brittany spaniel, springer spaniel, shetland sheep dog$45 - $60$65 - $75
Large Dogs
(65 - 85lbs)
collie, husky, malamute$60 - $75$75 - $95
Extra Large Dogs
(90+ lbs)
st bernard, newfoundland, samoyed$70+$100 - $150+
Anal glan expression , medicated shampoo, flea shampoo, dematting, behavioral issuesextra $5 and up

Pet Grooming Classes

3afterHave you ever wanted to groom your own dog?  We can show you how! This is a basic class, designed to teach pet owners how to do a complete groom on their dog,  and/or keep the dog in good condition in between grooming appointments.

We discuss and perform the following tasks on your pet:

  • bathing
  • shampoos and conditioners
  • toe nail trims, ear cleaning
  • brushing and combing
  • and the actual breed trim.

Also just as important, you will learn safe and effective handling of your pet while being groomed.  In conclusion, we will guide you through the process of purchasing the necessary equipment you will need to actually groom your own dog! This class usually will take a full day or several evenings to complete.

COST OF  CLASS :       $ 150 / dog
($100 for dogs not needing a haircut)