Obedience Classes / Private Dog Training

Do you know what your dog is really thinking?  Can you understand what your dog is trying to tell you?  Do you understand the very real needs of your dog (emotional, physical, psychological) based on both genetics and environmental stimuli?

We believe that until you can recognize, identify and understand these things, it is difficult,  if not impossible to train your dog.  Our classes involve lots of dog psychology,  positive energy,  corrections that are properly timed and correctly applied… and results! They are informal,  informative,  intuitive,  and inspirational!

Our goal is to produce a partnership between you and your dog,  based on communication, respect, and leadership.  No one is turned away,  no one fails, and everyone learns and improves.  Classes are held at Hannalore Kennels during the spring, summer and fall, and are graciously hosted by the Mcdowell and Walkers store in Sidney, NY in the winter months.  They provide us with a nice warm place with lots of distractions, both from costumers and their pets , and all the tantalizing dog treats and toys.  After class you can shop their wide array of quality pet products and experience first-hand their friendly, knowledgeable,  old fashioned customer service!

Classes are held weekly, for six weeks.  Cheryl Eighmey is also certified to give the AKC Star Puppy and AKC Canine Good Citizen test,  should anyone be interested in taking the test after the completion of the six week class.

Currently, a $ 10 gift certificate is being offered good towards any service at Hannalore Kennels for anyone attending a class.

Obedience class: $ 120 for a six week session


Private Dog Training

Hannalore Kennels offers private dog training sessions, either to enhance lessons learned in group classes,  or in case group classes are are not convenient or appropriate for your dog. These sessions may be held at the kennel,  in your home, or at a different location.  Each session can be geared toward whatever behavioral problem or issue you may be experiencing.  Prices may vary depending on location or distance traveled.

Private Training:   $ 50 / hour – $ 75 / hour